Your SureTrax device is already programmed before it is shipped out.  As soon as it has been connected, it begins working.  Below you can find complete setup instructions.

1) Connect your Device

3 of the 12 wires are needed to be connected.  Power, Ground and Ignition. 

  • The Power wire (red) is connected to your bikes power source. This wire needs to have power at all time, even when the vehicle is off. 
  • Ground (black) is connected to a ground point or the batteries negative terminal. 
  • The ignition wire (Orange) is connected to a point that has power only when the ignition is on (or the key is in ACC mode).  

The remaining wires can be tucked away and will be used with future releases that we are working on. 

2) Download the Fleet app for your phone.

This is available for both iPhone and Android. When asked for the "Server Address" enter  The username and password are the same as the username and password created for the online portal